Who we are
HitMeSound.com is a boutique library of royalty free music with licenses suited for every need and purpose. Including free license for non-commercial use.


I’m a seasoned composer and producer with 20+ years of experience in the writing, arranging, mixing and producing many styles of music. I’m classically trained pianist but love to play jazz, soul, funk and other stuff. HitMeSound.com contains my work from a period of recent years, which I provide here under a royalty free license.

I also decided to offer a free license for everyone, that needs music for her/his non-commercial purposes – feel free to download it and enjoy! If you are a school, NGO, charity, church, cultural institution etc. or private person working on a non-commercial project, you can use this music for free. (If you are a business – look here).

If you like what I’m providing on this site, have questions concerning my music, need a dedicated composition or just want to say hello – you can contact me anytime.