Free Licenses

We realize, there are many cases, where the music is needed in non-commercial projects. It may be a video or slideshow for your friends and family, but it can also be a presentation or online video for your non-profit organization, church, public voluntary event or charity project etc.

For such uses we are offering a free license for every music we publish on this stock music site. You are allowed to freely download it and immediately put to work as part of your creative project. At checkout you’ll get a license number as proof of your license. The license never expires, and you can always come back to your account here to download it again if needed.

Please remember the attribution: place the information in credits of the work containing our music: “Music by” with hyperlink whenever possible. This will help us a lot. Thank you!

Please always use the checkout process to obtain the free music. This will ensure you get the proper license as proof of the right to use the music.

Need different license?
If you're looking for other types of licenses please find it here: